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Anti-Mosquito Patch
» Protects You From Mosquito Bites Without Harmful Chemicals or Messy, Oily Repellent On Your Skin

"Finally, You Can Get A Safe & Effective Mosquito Repellent
That Works For Your Home or When You Are Outdoor

mobile protection from mosquitoes for you and your family


Discover How You Can Prevent Mosquito Bites
Without Harmful Chemicals or Oily, Sticky
Mosquito Repellent!




"I like your Anti Mosquito Patch. It works and it's extremely portable as I can just put it into my pockets when I am outdoors. And my wife loves the smell!
- Brandon James, US

Dear friend,

Are You Looking For A Mobile Protection Against Mosquito Bites That Works?

Can't watch TV or laze around without being attacked by mosquitoes? Sick and tired of mosquitoes buzzing and taking a shot at you when you are outdoors? Frustrated with mosquitoes that just keep coming back?

If you are like typical homeowners or outdoorsy individual, you are probably all too familiar with the problems stated above. As with most people, the usual solution is to spray insecticides frequently all over your house to kill mosquitoes or apply sticky insect repellent on your body to keep mosquitoes away.

If you have been using insecticides or are thinking of using them to get rid mosquitoes... THINK AGAIN!

Though they may work to a certain extent, these methods of repelling mosquitoes may not be as safe or long-lasting. Insecticides are merely contact based solution, i.e. they only kill mosquitoes on the treated surface. So unless you are prepared to use insecticides generously all over your house, it is not possible for you to repel mosquitoes effectively in your home. Insecticides can cause eye and skin irritation, headache, nausea, dizziness, chest tightness, blurred vision and many many more!

Conventional Mosquito Control Solutions Are NOT SAFE & EFFECTIVE!

"Your mosquito patch is superb. I used to hate going outdoors but now the mosquitoes don't bother me anymore. I am impressed and I even use it at home now!
- Kate Sharpe, UK

Do not subject your family and yourself to the risks of insecticides!

You Should Know & Understand The Information Below Before Buying Any Mosquito Repellent

1. Insecticides are highly toxic. By spraying insecticides in your house, you are subjecting your loved ones and your health to potentially dangerous side effects. Breathe fresh air, not insecticides fumes!

2. Conventional mosquito repellent. Be it spray, liquid, cream, stick or pre-moistened towelette, these usually contain an active ingredient called N-N-diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has received reports on side effects or adverse reactions such as headache, nausea, seizures and fainting after the use of DEET on skin. Your health is much more important!

3. Self-proclaimed natural mosquito repellents. They provide only minimal protection against mosquito bites as their repellent properties are weak and may last for only 10 to 20 minutes. Who wants the hassle of frequent reapplication!

4. Electronic repellents, they last only for hours and before you know it, mosquitoes are back and you have to buy costly refills again. Imagine the costs and hassle!

5. Other anti-mosquito patches. They may last for shorter hours and may not contain micro-encapsulation technology that releases scent for a longer duration.

Mosquitoes can be very dangerous!

Mosquitoes are annoying and can cause serious health problems. They interfere with work and outdoor activities. Not only can mosquito bites cause severe skin irritation like the red bump and itching, some can even transmit several dangerous and fatal diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, dengue, filariasis and encephalitis to humans and dogs.

The Word Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year 300 - 500 million cases of malaria occur and more than 1 million people die of malaria. About 1,300 cases of malaria are diagnosed in the United States each year.

In addition, some 2500 million people (two fifth of the world's population) are now at risk from dengue. WHO estimates that there may be 50 million cases of dengue infection worldwide ever year.

These statistics are from Malaria and Dengue alone. Imagine the dangers of these mosquitoes with all the other diseases that it can transmit! Put a stop to mosquito bite before it's too late!

You need a mosquito control solution that repels mosquitoes safely and effectively...

Introducing Anti Mosquito Patch -
The Natural, Effective, Safe, Affordable & Long-lasting Anti-Mosquito Patch

Protects You From Mosquito Bites Without Harmful Chemicals or Messy, Oily Repellent On Your Skin
It's Your Portable Protection Against Mosquito Bites! Never Leave Home Without It!!!

Anti-mosquito Patch (AMP) mosquito repelling patches contain high purity and high quality citronella oil. It is an effective and natural insect repellent. The pleasant scent from the patches keeps mosquitoes away from you for up to 12 hours. It's the best choice for your mobile protection against mosquito bites.

Anti-mosquito Patch (AMP) can be used anywhere and anytime you want - in your bedroom, in the toilets, in your camp, or even during golfing trips! Now, with Anti-Mosquito Patch (AMP), you can truly say goodbye to horrible mosquito bites wherever you are… without any worries of side effects or unpleasant odor.


People are using the anti mosquito patch on backpacks, pant cuffs, golf hats, baby strollers,
tents, wristbands, bedside, underneath tables...


How To Use Anti Mosquito Patch
Anti Mosquito Patch is suitable for occasions and places that are easily infested by mosquitoes and insects.

Step 1 - Using Anti Mosquito Patch Peel off the protective film.
Step 2 - Using Anti Mosquito Patch Attach the adhesive side to your clothes or a location close to your body such as stockings, shoulder areas, inside of trousers, skirts or at the edge of a table or bed.

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Why Choose Anti Mosquito Patch To Prevent Mosquito Bites?

mosquito repellent - no skin contact No Skin Contact
  Anti Mosquito Patch protects you from mosquito bites without harmful chemicals or messy oily repellent on your skin
repels mosquito - long lasting Longer-Lasting with Controlled Release
  Micro-encapsulation technology in Anti Mosquito Patch allows citronella oil to be released steadily for a longer duration with an enhanced effect
prevent mosquito bites - indoor or outdoor Convenient & Mobile
  Anti Mosquito Patch provides excellent indoor and outdoor protection against mosquito bites. It's easy to carry wherever you go - travel, camping, golfing, jogging...
the natural mosquito solution Natural, Safe & Toxic-Free
  It's completely natural (no harmful chemicals), it is environmentally friendly and can be used for long-term without any side effects. Anti Mosquito Patch contains extract of natural plant that repels mosquito effectively.
simple to use anti mosquito patch Simple & Easy-to-use
  Just peel the protective film and attach at places easily infested by mosquitoes and insects. You don't have to apply oily stuff on your body every few hours.
high quality citronella oil High Quality & High Purity
  Anti Mosquito Patch contains high purity and high quality citronella oil to repel mosquitoes naturall and effectively.
natural anti mosquito patch is affordable Affordable
  No refills, no batteries, no electricity required. All you need is Anti Mosquito Patch!

"Good stuff. Your anti mosquito patch works indoors or outdoors. I can bring it anywhere and it's way better than using sprays or creams.
Jon Hartley, UK

Repels mosquito - natural, effective, safe and long lasting anti moqsuito patch

Size & Shape : 10cm2 round shape

Expiration Date : 3 years from manufacturing date

Storage : Keep Anti Mosquito Patch in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight


Mosquito Repellent Comparison Chart

Product Types
Electric Mat
Anti-Mosquito Patch (AMP)
Chemical Pesticide
Chemical Pesticide


(non-toxic )
Effective Duration
10 - 20 mins
6 - 8 hrs
2 - 3 hrs
Up to 12 hours
Environmental Effects
Contain CFC
Oily Toxic

Needs electricity
(extra cost)
Hot heater plate
for kids)

NO Burning
NO Spraying
NO Electricity

Environmentally Safe

Side Effects


Side Effects

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Anti Mosquito Patch - the natural mosquito repellentSo for now, you can order Anti Mosquito Patch in multiples of two (10 patches for each box) and enjoy our Special Bulk Purchase Offer. Instead of paying $17.90 for two boxes (2 boxes @ $8.95 each), you can have it for just $13.00!

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Anti Mosquito Patch is your mobile protection against mosquito bites!

anti mosquito patch - natural and effective mosquito repellent for indoors or outdoors anti mosquito patch - natural and effective mosquito repellent for indoors or outdoors anti mosquito patch - natural and effective mosquito repellent for indoors or outdoors

Note: You need to act immediately! Mosquito bites are dangerous and can transmit life-threatening diseases. Take action now before the problem gets out of hand!

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Don't leave home without Anti Mosquito Patch Mosquito Repellent!

Let's recap what you will get with your order:
* 2 Boxes of Anti Mosquito Patch Mosquito Repellent (each box contains 10 patches)

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